Cheddar Restaurant and Cheddar Retail, the ultimate solution for your business needs.

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Restaurant Features

Quick Service

Great option to set up your POS for quick and efficient counter service.

Full Service

Create a table layout or multiple to represent your unique dining areas. Split tickets by item or seat number.


Customizable to your operational needs. Whether you have multiple bars or multiple bartenders, the system makes managing your bar and staff seamless.

Menu Management

Simple menu builder with a three level heiarchy. Flexible modifiers, printer routing and navigation to help your business run quickly.

Customer Information

Create your customer's order and capture their contact information. Text their receipt, print their address and create a history of their orders.

Create Special Pricing

Let your imagination run wild and come up with endless ways to offer different specials. Increase or decrease pricing, set specific dates or times, select the entire meny or specific menu items so that all you have to do is put on a great event!

Retail Features

Retail Inventory

Managing inventory has never been easier! Migrating your products from your old system is quick and easy by importing an XLS file. Plenty of reporting options available to keep tabs of your inventory levels.

Inventory Reports

Track sales history for each product by quantity or price. Product sales reports will allow you to record your total sales per item, the cost of the item, and the current stock level.

Payment Options

There are many ways that a customer can pay such as cash, credit/debit, gift cards, rewards, and customizable other forms of payment. Also accept multi-tender with ease.

Features offered in both Restaurant and Retail

Gift Cards

Use your existing gift cards or start selling them. Gift card integration is already built in for selling and payment types.

Time and Attendance

Keep your employees’ time clock punches in order. Adjust times or add missing time at the terminal. Run detailed or summarized labor reports keeping your payroll accurate.

Customer Facing Display

The customer facing display allows your customer to view their order, tax, discounts and order total during the checkout process.